What is Oki Exhibition

What is Oki Exhibition

It is a comprehensive art exhibition organized by the Okinawa Times company, and it is the largest pride and familiar to citizens in Okinawa Prefecture. In 1949 (Showa 24), as a project to commemorate the 1st anniversary of Okinawa Times (company), it was held to promote the prefectural people’s artistic interest as well as postwar Okinawa art culture promotion. Since then, whenever you repeated times, both quality and quantity have been enhanced, currently it has developed as an art and craft exhibition with 12 genres in 7 categories such as painting, printmaking, sculpture, graphic design, writing, photography, crafts (pottery, lacquer art, dyeing, textile, glass, wood craft). Urasoe civic gymnasium was held at the venue in cooperation with Urasoe City and the City Education Committee from the 40th exhibition (1988).


In general, applicants who are 16 years of age or older can apply regardless of their residences. Examination was performed by genre, and excellent works. The awards include “Oki Exhibition Award”, “Encouragement Prize”, “Urasoe Mayor Prize” as a Special Award, “Uruma Major Award”, “Okinawa Education Publication Award ” from students selected from the age of 16.

Associate Member

Those who have won the “Oki Exhibition Award” or “Encouragement Prize” multiple times in a general application will be nominated as “Associate Members” by members’ consultation. Associate members will announce unpublished works to the Oki exhibition. A “semi-member award” is awarded to excellent works among them. And also cooperate with the maintenance and operation of the Oki Exhibition.

Review and recognition

Submissions will be judge by each operation committee.

  1. (1)Provide to the excellent work of Associate member the “Associate Member Award” (certificate of merit and prizes).
  2. (2)For general submissions, the best works are presented with “Oki Exhibition Award” for outstanding works, “Encouragement Prize” for excellent works, “Urasoe Mayor Award”, “Uruma Mayor Prize” and “Okinawa Educational Publication Award” as special awards. Each award also presents a certificate and prize ( Granted by Okinawa Educational Publication Award). The “Oki Exhibition Award” has 1 point in each department, “Encouragement Prize” is slight, but in the case of Crafts Category (Ceramics • Lacquer • Dyeing • Textile • Glass • Wood Craft), the Best Work by Event is ” Oki Exhibition Award “can be awarded. Also, the “Urasoe Mayor Award” and “Uruma Mayor Award” are presented to 12 genres, and the “Okinawa Educational Publication Award” is somewhat out of the prize-winning works of 16 or over in each department.


Selected works of general entry and members, associate members are shown at “Oki Exhibition” from mid-March to early April. We also hold an award ceremony and a joint celebration during the exhibition.